Warren County, Mississippi Rivers, Lakes & Streams

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Adams Bayou 322828N, 0903605W
Alligator Lake 322521N, 0905327W
Baker Lake 320920N, 0904835W
Ballground Creek 323121N, 0904726W
Bear Creek 332048N, 0904312W
Beaver Pond 320802N, 0905047W
Bedford Bend 321311N, 0905857W
Ben Slough 320926N, 0904722W
Big Black River 320314N, 0910329W
Big Bogue Desha 320545N, 0905828W
Blackman Bayou 320714N, 0905735W
Bliss Creek 322758N, 0905020W
Blue Hole 320907N, 0910258W
Blue Lake 321812N, 0904223W
Boat Slough 322606N, 0905241W
Brecount Lake 322645N, 0905812W
Brown Lake 321755N, 0905207W
Brushy Lake 323356N, 0910113W
Brushy Lake 321501N, 0904313W
Buck Creek 322920N, 0903605W
Butts Creek 322951N, 0903512W
Cameron Lake 322418N, 0903704W
Campbell Swamp 320818N, 0905219W
Centennial Cutoff 322007N, 0905420W
Centennial Lake 322134N, 0905341W
Chickasaw Bayou 322634N, 0905126W
Chotard Lake 323452N, 0910159W
Clear Creek 322051N, 0904204W
Collins Creek 323432N, 0904329W
Congo Lake 321005N, 0904720W
Cook Lake 321345N, 0910136W
Cooks Bayou 322241N, 0904515W
Cooks Lake 323418N, 0904145W
Corn House Creek 323357N, 0904400W
Cornhouse Creek 323357N, 0904402W
Cowan Creek 322335N, 0904432W
Cowans Spring 322300N, 0904519W
Crouches Creek 322118N, 0903751W
Cypress Lake 321011N, 0910547W
Cypress Lake 323324N, 0904638W
Davis Island Bend 320836N, 0910605W
Deer Creek 323244N, 0904743W
Diamond Island Cutoff 321021N, 0905950W
Duck Lake 321017N, 0910710W
Durden Creek 321729N, 0905248W
Eagle Lake 322935N, 0905938W
Eagle Lake Pass 323037N, 0910446W
False River (historical) 322636N, 0905506W
Fish Lake 322430N, 0905659W
Fivemile Creek 321321N, 0904356W
Forest Home Chute 322733N, 0910215W
Fox Creek 322333N, 0903901W
Glass Bayou 322123N, 0905252W
Goose Lake 322654N, 0905032W
Goose Lake 323204N, 0910125W
Grassy Lake 322937N, 0910343W
Halpino Lake 322743N, 0910046W
Hamer Bayou 320908N, 0904831W
Hatcher Bayou 321732N, 0905341W
Hennesseys Bayou 321206N, 0905901W
Hodges Lake 321354N, 0910309W
Hodges Lake 321344N, 0910235W
Horseshoe Lake 320918N, 0904728W
Horseshoe Lake 321755N, 0904220W
Horseshoe Lake 322446N, 0903658W
Horseshoe Lake 320736N, 0905911W
Horseshoe Lake 323241N, 0904717W
Indian Camp Lake 322511N, 0905252W
Jim Bayou 320925N, 0905057W
John Thomas Lake 321001N, 0910338W
Jones Lake 323405N, 0910129W
July Lake 321725N, 0904253W
Killikrankia Cutoff 321241N, 0910726W
Lake Henry 322146N, 0904027W
Little Bear Creek 322605N, 0903807W
Little Bogue Desha 320554N, 0905836W
Little Flat Lake 322435N, 0905241W
Little Horseshoe Lake 321522N, 0904335W
Little Lake 322539N, 0903613W
Long Lake 322406N, 0905336W
Markham Creek 321523N, 0904257W
McNutt Lake 322350N, 0905223W
Mill Creek 322905N, 0903557W
Miller Lake 323219N, 0904942W
Millikens Bend 322849N, 0910653W
Mint Spring Branch 322220N, 0905226W
Mississippi River 290904N, 0891512W
Muddy Creek 322158N, 0904358W
Newtown Bend 320715N, 0910150W
Oak Bend 321158N, 0905928W
Old Channel 322658N, 0905645W
Old Chute 321103N, 0910601W
Paces Bayou 321355N, 0905702W
Paine Lake 321019N, 0905910W
Palmyra Bend 320801N, 0910950W
Palmyra Chute 321223N, 0910637W
Palmyra Lake 320940N, 0911023W
Panther Lake 323404N, 0904610W
Paw Paw Chute 322454N, 0905814W
Pervis Lake 322856N, 0910358W
Price Creek 320947N, 0905059W
Redbone Creek 321243N, 0905342W
Reid-Bedford Bend 321423N, 0905853W
Rings Lake 321116N, 0905519W
Rocky Creek 322844N, 0903614W
Scott Lake 321815N, 0904800W
Scotts Lake 322444N, 0905116W
Shiloh Creek 321807N, 0905050W
Silver Creek 321843N, 0904219W
Simmons Lake 320738N, 0905338W
Skillikalia Bayou 322931N, 0904817W
Southall Lake 321131N, 0905505W
Steele Bayou 322656N, 0905328W
Stouts Bayou 321729N, 0905416W
Summer Seat Creek 322206N, 0903809W
Swett Lake 321855N, 0904902W
Taylor Lake 322547N, 0905709W
Tent Lake 321554N, 0904319W
Thompson Lake 322543N, 0905041W
Tucker Lake 322355N, 0903714W
Tuscumbia Bend 322023N, 0905443W
Twin Lake 322909N, 0904956W
West Carter Lake 321118N, 0904657W
Whteman Lake 322446N, 0905627W
Willow Bayou 322833N, 0905750W
Wilton Bayou 322313N, 0905727W
Wren Bayou 322320N, 0904605W
Wrights Creek 320718N, 0905449W
Yazoo Cutoff 322109N, 0905924W
Yazoo River 322008N, 0905350W
Yazoo River Diversion Canal 322058N, 0905312W
Youngs Lake 322521N, 0903625W