Warren County, Mississippi Schools

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All Saints College (historical) 321926N, 0905253W
All Saints Episcopal School 321926N, 0905253W
Bear Creek School (historical) 322540N, 0904236W
Bedford School (historical) 322136N, 0904138W
Bethlehem School (historical) 321815N, 0904426W
Bethlehem School (historical) 322405N, 0903834W
Bovina Elementary School 322118N, 0904408W
Bowman School 322022N, 0905256W
Bowmar Avenue Elementary School 321959N, 0905307W
Brickhouse School (historical) 322844N, 0904001W
Brookhaven School (historical) 322218N, 0903853W
Carr Junior High School 322041N, 0905243W
Cedars School (historical) 321447N, 0905518W
Clear Creek School (historical) 322337N, 0904446W
Cole School (historical) 322743N, 0904501W
Cooper High School 321917N, 0905310W
Cooper School (historical) 322412N, 0904832W
Countrymen School (historical) 322321N, 0905017W
Culkin Academy 322205N, 0904908W
Fernwood School (historical) 322538N, 0904800W
Grove Street Elementary School 322107N, 0905225W
Halls Ferry Elementary School 321853N, 0905231W
Hickory Tree School (historical) 321639N, 0904437W
Holy Hill School (historical) 322756N, 0904239W
Jeff Davis School (historical) 321136N, 0905244W
Jett School 321832N, 0905406W
Kings School 322407N, 0905108W
Kings School 322331N, 0905128W
Marley School (historical) 322928N, 0903731W
McIntrye School 322121N, 0905236W
Oak Ridge School (historical) 322833N, 0904227W
Redwood Elementary School 322843N, 0904813W
Rosa Temple School 322040N, 0905216W
Saint Aloysius High School 322056N, 0905203W
Saint Francis School 322058N, 0905240W
Warren Central School 321946N, 0904903W
Warrenton Elementary School 321442N, 0905550W